Hello world, redux

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post.

I think now I can overcome any apprehension I might have had when I first saw that sentence in 2008. Time to get on with it.

I got interested in writing as a kid, and seemed to follow along that path as I grew, muddled through high school and college, and served an enlistment as a print journalist. The job market being what it was then, I had to find some other way to support my new  family and take care of the future.

That lead to digressions in information support jobs with little long-term prospects, and, quite frankly, even less interest for me. But it eventually turned out well, because all that other experience led to the opportunity for a career in technical writing that changed everything.

So here I am. Having never lost interest in the art and craft of writing, the careful expression of ideas, or compelling stories, I’ve realized that for me these things are not only of value, but that participating in them means doing what I love and building a happy life. But I have to work at it. I can’t really think of myself as a writer if I don’t actually write anything.

My objective is to explore writing that inspires as examples of the craft. While I will find the opportunities to create, I also have found favorites, writers of columns and essays, biographies, great novels, and everything in between.

I hope you will come back from time to time and keep me at it.


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